Darrell Coleman, LCSW-C

As a licensed clinical social worker, I provide services that empower adults, children, and adolescents to reach their fullest potential. I provide therapy to youth and families with various life issues using holistic and solution focused therapeutic methods. I believe that a holistic approach and a focus on the whole person is essential in working through life’s challenges. I work collaboratively with my clients to address personal, environmental, and systemic factors that impact their day to day life.
I specialize in working with adults, children (ages 10 and up), and adolescents who have experienced work/school related stress, trauma (abuse and/or other traumatic experiences), grief and loss (death, divorce, etc.). I also work with individuals struggling with anxiety and/or depression, and individuals who have experienced various forms of distress.
Seeking professional help is not always easy. I applaud your desire to grow and welcome the opportunity to work with you in a safe, confidential and warm environment. Don’t hesitate to contact me today to schedule an appointment or inquire further about my services!
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